Thursday, August 13, 2009

News Flash:

Last Thursday before the series with the Dodgers, I said that how we did against them would be a measuring stick of sorts for how good they really are. Well this just in: THE BRAVES ARE GOOD. We've always known that we have the horses in the starting rotation to get to the playoffs and win. Now we have to offense to match it. Now with Infante back and Johnson hitting well we have possibly the deepest bench in the majors. All we have to do now to get better is get rid of Greg Norton. I have seriously yet to see the guy get a hit. I know he got a couple last week cause I read it in the box scores, but I have watched a lot of games and I have only seen him strike out. Jurjjens, Vasquez and Lowe all have better batting averages. I would love to see Conrad back up in the Majors. We don't have to send Norton to AAA we could just make him a bench coach or something.
So here's my prediction for the Phillies series: SWEEP BABY! That's right we're going to roll this weekend taking three from the struggling Phils. We'll be just a half game out of first and from there I don't think we'll look back. It will mark the end of the Phillie's season and the beginning of the Braves Playoff run. GO BRAVOS!

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