Thursday, August 13, 2009

News Flash:

Last Thursday before the series with the Dodgers, I said that how we did against them would be a measuring stick of sorts for how good they really are. Well this just in: THE BRAVES ARE GOOD. We've always known that we have the horses in the starting rotation to get to the playoffs and win. Now we have to offense to match it. Now with Infante back and Johnson hitting well we have possibly the deepest bench in the majors. All we have to do now to get better is get rid of Greg Norton. I have seriously yet to see the guy get a hit. I know he got a couple last week cause I read it in the box scores, but I have watched a lot of games and I have only seen him strike out. Jurjjens, Vasquez and Lowe all have better batting averages. I would love to see Conrad back up in the Majors. We don't have to send Norton to AAA we could just make him a bench coach or something.
So here's my prediction for the Phillies series: SWEEP BABY! That's right we're going to roll this weekend taking three from the struggling Phils. We'll be just a half game out of first and from there I don't think we'll look back. It will mark the end of the Phillie's season and the beginning of the Braves Playoff run. GO BRAVOS!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Garret Anderson signs shoe deal with Nike

Sources close to Anderson have confirmed that the 37 year old outfielder has finalized a deal with Nike for a new shoe. The shoe is rumored to be called "Air Moses" and is fitted with Dr. Scholls Tri-comfort orthotics. The shoe is epsecially designed for older players who don't run very fast. Nike spokeswoman, Ann Kositchotitana said in a statement that "Garret Anderson is the perfect guy for this shoe. He's old and he's slow and people know it so when other senior citizens see him wearing our shoe and playing profesional baseball they might think 'I can do that too' and that is the goal we have here at Nike." Other players who are rumored to have signed a deal with Nike for the same shoe are Bobby Abreu, John Smoltz and Vladamir Guerrero. Nike also said that they would have signed pinch hitter Greg Norton but they were under the impression that he was a coach and not a player.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A few jokes to ease the pain

Just thought I would try and ease the pain of last nights game. I had an erie feeling that the announcer had just jinxed us when he said with runners on 1st and 3rd that "The only way the fans won't get to see Manny (Ramirez) is if Ethier hits into a triple play or he hits a home run." Unfortunately for us it was the latter. I think quick enough to knock on wood or maybe I could have prevented the disaster, who knows. Any way I don't think it is to far off to say that the Dodgers were extremely lucky last night. Their first 2 runs came off botched plays and hit and runs where balls when through holes vacated by fielders who were moving to cover a base. Pierre's hit was a swinging bunt down the 3rd base line the Furcal reached on a high bouncers that went through the hole left by LaRoche holding Pierre on first. The Braves deserved to win that game, but it doesn't always work out that way so here are a few jokes to brighten up the morning.

What is the lowest point in the U.S.A.?
-Greg Norton's batting average

A few weeks ago Bobby Cox pulled Soriano after having the walked the first 3 batters he faced. When he got to the dugout he threw his glove down and started cussing. Moylen asked him why he was so upset and he replied, "Cause the idiot pulled me when I had a no-hitter going".

If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant's life,she will choose to save the infant's life without even considering if there are men on base.

It was so foggy today that the Nationals couldn't even see who was beating them.

One morning in elementary school, the students were going to a geography class. The teacher wanted to show the students where cities and states are.
The teacher asks the class, "Does anyone know where Pittsburgh is?" Billy raises up his hand and says, "Yeah, Pennsylvania!". The teacher replies, "Very good, Billy!, now can anyone tell me were Detroit is?"
Suzy raises her hand and says, "That's in Michigan!" The teacher again says, "Very good."
Trying to confuse the children, she now asks, "Where's Kansas City?" Tommy raises his hand and says, "Oh Oh Pick me!!!, I know?" The teacher says, "OK, Tommy where is Kansas City?"
"Last place."

What is the difference between Rafael Soriano and UPS?
UPS knows how to throw a strike.

Here's to hoping today's game goes a lot better than yesterday's.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This Day in Braves history, Tommy Hansen, The Dodgers, and a picture for my sister.

This day in Braves history: Hammerin Hank Aaron hits 2 home runs and breaks Babe Ruths record for most home runs with one team. His second home run comes in the 10th inning to give the Braves a 4-3 win over the Reds. Lets hope that is an omen for today and the Braves can get a needed victory against the Dodgers.
Speaking of a victory, Tommy Hansen looked impressive for most of his start yesterday until he gave up a 2 run shot in the 6th and started to get hit pretty hard. At one point Hansen struck out 4 batters in a row and 5 out of 6 batters overall. Hansen improved his record to 6-2.
Just a fleeting though with a playoff like series with the Dodgers coming up, if I were to pick my starters for a playoff series here is how I would go. Game 1: Javier Vasquez, Game 2: Jair Jurrjens, Game 3: Derek Lowe, Game 4: Tommy Hansen, Game 5: Vasquez, Game 6: Jurrjens, Game 7: Lowe.
I realize that I am not starting Lowe in game one, but this rotation allows him to start a possible game 7, which is where I think Lowe would really shine.
When I was thinking about the upcoming series with the Dodgers, I first thought that it was a must win series and that we had to go 3-1 in LA or we would slowly fall out of the playoff race. But I think that a split would be just fine. The Dodgers are the best team in baseball right now, and we just need to prove we can hang with them. We aren't as banged up as we were last week when we faced off in Atlanta so I think we will be just fine. Our schedule is actually very favourable over the last few weeks of the season and will work to our advantage. That makes this weekend series not much more than a barometer of how good this Braves team is. That having been said, a getting swept would obviously be a huge blow, and barring some sort of miracle I do think that would throw us out of playoff contention. If we can catch fire and pull of a sweep of the vaunting Dodgers, then I think that would be enough to propel us into a nice playoff run.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Padres Manager Bud Black accuses Diaz of 'hustling' his pitchers.

In a press conference following Tuesday's game, Padres manager Bud Black accused Braves' outfielder Matt Diaz of 'hustling' his pitchers. "I'm not sure what's going on," Black said, "The first couple of pitches on every at bat it looks like he's not even trying. He takes such a wild cut that I think he is just going to take a token 3rd strike swing and head to the dugout. I think He's just baiting the pitchers into throwing a fast ball right down the middle of the plate, then wham he hits a home run or something." Diaz denied the accusations later saying, "I just like to take a ridiculously huge cut on the first couple of swings to kind of get my arms loose. I'm not baiting them into throwing a fastball or anything like that." Diaz also said that it would not be possible for him to warm up while in the on deck circle so he would be ready when he got to the plate because he spends that time chatting with fans and trying to convince them to vote for him in next years All Star game. Padres pitcher Tim Stauffer said by telephone that "Diaz is definitely hustling us out there. How else would you explain those three pitch at bats where he is swinging at a pitch in the dirt while simultaneously heading for the dugout?"