Saturday, August 8, 2009

Garret Anderson signs shoe deal with Nike

Sources close to Anderson have confirmed that the 37 year old outfielder has finalized a deal with Nike for a new shoe. The shoe is rumored to be called "Air Moses" and is fitted with Dr. Scholls Tri-comfort orthotics. The shoe is epsecially designed for older players who don't run very fast. Nike spokeswoman, Ann Kositchotitana said in a statement that "Garret Anderson is the perfect guy for this shoe. He's old and he's slow and people know it so when other senior citizens see him wearing our shoe and playing profesional baseball they might think 'I can do that too' and that is the goal we have here at Nike." Other players who are rumored to have signed a deal with Nike for the same shoe are Bobby Abreu, John Smoltz and Vladamir Guerrero. Nike also said that they would have signed pinch hitter Greg Norton but they were under the impression that he was a coach and not a player.

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