Monday, July 20, 2009

Atlanta local commits suicide during Braves game

Local Atlanta man, James de la Brusa, was found dead in his apartment Sunday night after apparently having hanged himself. James' neighbor Jacob Johnson said he heard shouting coming from his long time friend and next door neighbor. "I thought I heard some yelling", Jacob said, "The last thing I heard was 'WHAT? MOYLEN? IF HE LOSES ONE MORE GAME FOR US I'M GONNA HANG MYSELF". During police questioning Jacob was asked why didn't respond to the yelling and go over and try and calm his friend down. Jacob said, "I didn't think he was serious, I mean Moylen has already lost like what 5 games this year? I just thought it was another hallow threat. If I would have known he was serious this time, I probably would have tried to go over there." James de la Brusa was survived by his wife Jamie and his brother Juan.

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